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Help saving MySQL PDF Print E-mail
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I, Michael "Monty" Widenius, the creator of MySQL, is asking you urgently to help save MySQL from Oracle's clutches. Without your immediate help Oracle might get to own MySQL any day now. By writing to the European Commission (EC) you can support this cause and help secure the future development of the product MySQL as an Open Source project.

Goal driven performance optimization PDF Print E-mail
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When your goal is to optimize application performance it is very important to understand what goal do you really have. If you do not have a good understanding of the goal your performance optimization effort may well still bring its results but you may waste a lot of time before you reach same results as you would reach much sooner with focused approach.


Partitioning with Dates in MySQL 5.1 PDF Print E-mail
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Many of you have responded very positively on the first and second partitioning articles that I wrote some time back. It’s clear that a lot of you are excited about the upcoming MySQL 5.1 release, and in particular, the new data partitioning feature that’s being offered. That’s no surprise because, as we covered in the previous two articles, partitioning has some excellent performance and management benefits for anyone who’s building data warehouses or other large databases with MySQL.
Daylight Saving Time Changes PDF Print E-mail
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This year many American states and Canadian provinces will switch to daylight saving time on March 11 (the second Sunday of March) instead of switching on the first Sunday of April as happened during previous years.
Falcon Storage Engine PDF Print E-mail
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MySQL/Sun released a new storage engine "Falcon" in January, 2007. Falcon is a high performance transactional (fully compliant with ACID) storage engine, which is beta at this time (June 2008). In this article, I describe Falcon's features and its architecture in detail.

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