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Having coding guidelines are very important for any software project, especially for a project where you work in a team. Even for relatively small projects and working alone, everyone hopefully has established their own standards of writing reusable and maintainable code. Below you can find 10 of the most used coding guidelines for writing efficient & maintainable php code. Most of these are variations of the PEAR coding standards with individual customizations.


So no matter which standards you prefer, the most important thing is to stick to them and if you invent your own have them documented. The poor guy who has to clean up your mess after you will thank you from all his heart :-)

  1. PEAR coding standards
  2. Zend Framework coding standard
  3. Typo3 general php practices
  4. WordPress coding style guidelines
  5. phpbb3 group coding guidelines
  6. Buxaprojects php coding guidelines
  7. php coding guidelines
  8. BlackGate php coding guidelines
  9. Blueshoes coding guidelines
  10. OpenClinic coding guidelines
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