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This article introduces Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP. Luis shows you how to code less and better by using some OOP concepts and PHP tricks.Object Oriented Programming in any language is the use of objects to represent functional parts of an application and real life entities. For example you may have a Person object to hold the data related to a person and even provide some functionality that this person may be capable of. Object Oriented Programming has long been used in games to represent the objects such as a User or an Enemy, or even a Weapon. This amazing way of programming has proven just as useful in software and web development.

In my opinion any OOP language should have:

    * Abstract data types and information hiding
    * Inheritance
    * Polymorphism

This can all be done using PHP classes:


class Something {
// In OOP classes are usually named starting with a cap letter.
var $x;

function setX($v) {
// Methods start in lowercase then use lowercase to separate
// words in the method name example getValueOfArea()

function getX() {
return $this->x;


Of course you can use your own nomenclature but having a standardized one is useful.
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